The research and development of Adidas technology focused on laser equipment. Since its inception in 2011, has been in the optical fiber, ultraviolet, green and other laser source to develop a rich product range, especially in the field of small laser machine has achieved fruitful results. Edida laser research and development strength, is the world's only a few have " ultraviolet laser " production technology companies.
      company and many research institutions have established strategic cooperative relations, the establishment of the relevant laboratory and personnel training base. Company production according to the ISO9001 quality control system and the ISO14001 environmental management system and on products in the strict incoming processing, machine production, shipments and so on each link, ensure delivery performance and quality of products. As a world famous laser processing equipment manufacturers, adidas has become a high-tech enterprises, since the company since its establishment, we have experienced a rapid growth of 5 years, in helping customers to create more income at the same time, but also realized the value of their own society.
      quality, integrity, service — — it is our commitment to keep us all the