Laser mold repair welding machine

Automatic laser welding machine owns the advantages of strong power and stablity, using the latest laser power, laser source, large flow hydraulic machine; This machine is applicable for the fixing and welding of precision plastic injection,die-casting of all kinds of moulds,fixing of machining of castings, 
metal structural parts,welding of silver and gold jewelries. 
  • Average output power: 200w
  • Pulse width: 0.1-20ms
  • Largest power of single pulse: 80J
  • Central wavelength: 1064n,
  • Pulse frequence: 0-50Hz
  • Adjustable range of light spot:1.8mm
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Application Industry
3C Industry, motor Industry, medical instruments,electronic components, electronic communications, IT products, metal tools products, precision machinery, decorative gifts, jewelry packaging

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